Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Different Styles of Tuxedo Shirts for Women

There are several styles of dress tuxedo shirts that are suitable for women to wear with a tuxedo. For the ladies, who don’t want dresses or whose profession includes wearing tuxedos, these styles will play an important role. Following is an explanation of the options that accommodate tuxedo studs.

Pleated front
The pleated tuxedo shirt front has pleats in the front of the shirt and run all the way to the bottom of the shirt front. The pleats will match the rest of the shirt precisely as the pleats are made with the actual fabric of the shirt.

Pique bib front
The pique bib front tuxedo shirt has a unique pique fabric stitched on the front.  This fabric is a beautiful one from Thomas Mason with the classic pique texture. Usually, the bib is 10 inches wide and goes just below the 5th button. This makes the front look very clean and simple.

Plain tuxedo shirt front
The plain tuxedo shirt front is basically just like a French front, the top four buttons are removable so that the shirt can be worn with studs. This is the most modern and minimalist option. The tuxedo studs gives an elegant look.

Removing the top four buttons and inserting studs
The front tuxedo shirts top four buttons are made removable, so that the shirt can be worn with studs. The top four buttons are sewn together on a strip of fabric.

Other shirt front options appropriate for wearing with a tuxedo

These days, it is totally in trend to wear a really nice white shirt with a tuxedo. French Front style and mother of pearl buttons are a great option to give the shirt a bit more luxurious touch.  Another option is to choose the fly front style so that the buttons will be covered completely. If you plan to wear the shirt with a bow-tie, it is recommended to wear a classic English spread collar or slightly taller President spread collar

Choosing an appropriate fabric will make you standout. A white fabric will work fine and give you a luxurious appearance.

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