Sunday, 17 April 2016

Your Style Options in Tuxedos

Looking for the different style options in tuxedos? There are many choices out there and sometimes it may become difficult to choose the right one and be confident in your final decision too. You can suit up in a classic black tux and bow tie for a polished, timeless look. For a formal affair, you can wear an elegant white-tie ensemble.

Apart from these, the other style you can opt for tuxedos are mentioned below.

Two Button Single Breasted

A modern variation to the popular single breasted type of tuxedo jacket is the two-button version based on business suit styling. When made with traditional detailing and paired with conventional accessories, it will look quite similar to the classic dinner jacket.

Notched Lapel

If you want the traditional look, choose shawl and peaked lapels while notched lapel is becoming more popular nowadays. The notch lapels aesthetics don’t fare much better in whereas the peak lapel creates a not so fine line that sweeps the eye up from the jacket’s narrow waist to its broad shoulders. Thinner lapels will give your tuxedo a touch of modern style.

Jacket Fabric

Black wool and midnight blue are becoming quite popular for the fabric of tuxedos. High-end designers have been offering wool and cashmere blends.


A cummerbund should be made from a similar material as the jacket accents and facings. It is the more preferable option because it is less expensive to make and interchangeable between tuxedos.

Contemporary black tie shirts

Tuxedo shirts for men should be suited up properly because it will add up on the look of the whole tuxedo. The rules for shirts are:

•   White fabric
•   Turndown collar
•   Fronts can be pleated
•   Shirt traditionally has eyelets for studs
•   Attached wing collar short

When choosing tuxedo for a special occasion, be careful to look for styles that do not go out of fashion.

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