Monday, 28 March 2016

Performing With Your band? Follow the Guidelines To Buy The Best Tuxedo

In an orchestra or choir, the combined efforts of the members is the most important thing. Everyone in the group will have to show their flare in the way they are good in. Some will express that flare in their attire. No one in the group should stand out from the others. This is why it is commonly preferred to set a dress code.

Nowadays, for a band performance, boy tuxedo is the most popular attire preferred by the male members. But before you choose a tuxedo for your band, there are some points to consider.

The color that looks good in tuxedo is either black or midnight blue. Midnight blue is “blacker than black” because of its rich dark appearance and is the choice of many black tie traditionalists. Lapel and accent facings should be black silk in a satin weave. This is the most immediate element that distinguishes a “tuxedo” from an ordinary suit.

The jacket should feature following specifications:

Peak lapels, or a shawl collar, instead of notched lapels. A notched lapel gives an informal and business look. Peak lapels are the most formal and classic option. A shawl collar is informal by nature, and projects a relaxed mode.

Piped exterior pockets, with no pocket flaps. If your jacket has flaps, you can tuck them in for the same effect. The piping of the pockets should match the lapel facing.

Ventless back is another option. If you require more mobility, you can opt for a double-vented rear.    

The pants should be a flat one. That said, pleats are considered to be a good choice, so if you require them for comfort, go ahead. You can hold your pants up with suspenders, if you want to do it right. For the waist covering, you can buy for yourself an evening waistcoat or the more common option, a cummerbund.    

If you are the type of person, who is concerned for what to wear and whether you are over or under dressed, you can follow the above guidelines while buying a tuxedo.