Friday, 14 October 2016

Tuxedo Wear For An Elegant Look

Tuxedos are not only limited to professional men, but women also look trendy in tuxedo outfit. There is no denying the fact that these clothes were mainly designed for men, but these days many professional looking clothes are also designed for women.

Many female personalities inspired by international models now invest on tuxedos as part of their wardrobe. Jennifer Lopez and Katie Holmes are the finest examples of famous personalities who professional looking clothes in a very stylish way. Tuxedo wear is the best solution for all the occasions that demand formal clothes.

There is nothing to be surprised that a number of women put them on for all the special events. Tuxedo wear offers an aura to the women that is far different from what casual attires give. Like a tuxedo wear enhances a man's masculinity, in the same way a tuxedo designed for a woman enhances her femininity.

These tuxedos come in different style and colours and are manufactured for various settings. For example, coloured tuxedos serves the best for occasions like costume parties where guests are supposed to be in creative wear. Coloured tuxedos are not the right choice to attend the black bow tie events where participants are required to be in their classic wear.

Sometimes, women's tuxedos are the same as the men, including a matching jacket with elegant pants, a shirt, and a vest. Women don’t use ties or a vest because of its masculine effect.  Black Jackets are the best option For Women to wear on all the occasions. Following are some DOs and DON'Ts for women who aspire to be in a tux:

  • Do not be afraid to invest in classic tuxedos as these outfits are perfect for the events that require formal dress codes.
  • Take enough time to look for the latest designs and styles in tuxedo wear.
  • Never compromise style over the pricing.
  • Be careful while choosing the accessories to wear with a tux.

One wrong choice can ruin your entire look, so choose your dress, keeping in mind the latest fashion, body size, and the budget.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Prom diaries: Gentleman’s Guide To Dress Up For Prom Night

Prom is an event where you get to wear stylish clothes and in the sea of colorful gowns swirling to the music, you don not want to be left out for the chance to dress up like a celebrity to mark your prom occasion. And guys should aim for a debonair look following a black tie code. Here  are few dressing suggestions for guys to look dashing on their prom day:

  • Tuxedo Jacket:
Tuxedo jacket with satin lapels or shawl collar look great. Wear a matching vest and wear a boutonniere flower matching the dress of your prom date. Traditional looking tuxedo jackets are part of everlasting last and you can never go wrong with that choice.

  • Trousers:
Trousers should be of certainly made from same material as the jacket. The satin stripe on the sides of trousers give them a formal look and they compliment your rest of your tuxedo. Wear the trousers with suspender instead of belt. The suspender should be inside the waistband.

  • Shirt:
The starch white shirt with button holes on both sides of the cuffs is perfect for this occasion. The french style cuffs should be fastened by studs. And the collar should be point collar or wing style collar, which showcase the true elegance of a gentleman.

  • Bow tie:
The bow tie should be tied by yourself rather than using a clip-on tie. It will present a classy look and certain turn heads towards your side. A clip on tie doesn't produce that effect such as the self tied tie.

  • Cummerbund:
A black satin cummerbund would look marvellous but avoid vest if you are wearing cummerbund. If you want to wear vest, then wear one in black color. For cummerbund, only dark tones look good.

Add studs and cufflinks that compliment each other’s tones. Black and gold or white and silver are a great color combination.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Fashion Guide To Dress Up For A Summer Brunch

Brunches are the occasions with a perfect mix of food, fashion and friends and one thing that is never out of norm is a good sense of style that you can flaunt among your friend circle in different parties and events that come your way. A brunch in summer season is a perfect opportunity to show colors and elegance in the bright daylight. And here are some ideas which you can consider for a fun brunch dressup:

For men, casual trousers or black tuxedo pants with a light colored shirt and a casual pair of loafers. And as for women, sky is the limit. A midi dress or a frock style dress with pastel or floral patterns looks good in a brunch. The light ruffles would also look well. The dress should be till knee length.

Skirts are also a great option. A modish outfit rock if you have the right grace to carry it well. Skirts are really comfortable and present a flirty look. A polka dot skirt with pastel colored ruffled top or a full silk skirt in bright tones such as red or yellow along with neutral tops would look marvellous. Denims pencil skirt with a white top would look stylish and cool. It all depends on what kind of look you want to achieve.

Bermudas Or Casual Trousers:
Puff sleeve top in a high waist bermudas would present an elegant look. You can also go for light colored or check trousers with tank tops. Bell bottoms have made their comebacks. If you are aiming for a fun look, bell bottoms with a pretty racerback top would definitely turn heads your way.

Keep the makeup to neutral and go for wedges or flats with a chick clutch. A printed scarf tied to your hair as a headband and a cool pair of glasses would make you look like a classy diva in the brunch.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Dress Guide: Comprehensive Dress Code For Business Formal

Wearing the right attire for a formal meeting or an interview is important aspect. So following the proper dress code is essential. Your attire defines your personality and it can leave a good first impression on the person that meets you for the first time. So here are few tips and tricks you can follow to achieve that look which is conservative enough to be sophisticated yet not flashy at the same time:

  • Business Suit:
Choose a solid color for the suit. Women can choose a blouse, a black jacket and slack or pencil skirt, whichever feels right for the occasion. The skirt should not be of too short length. Don't go for too shiny fabric, instead choose conservative tones. Light color business suit also looks elegant and can present a cool and serene outlook.

  • Blouse:
The white colored blouse is forevermore a hit and always works for a formal look. If you want to try something different than a white shirt than pastel colors like lily pink, peach, cream or sky blue would work well as well.

  • Shoes:
Stilettos, pumps or wedges work well with the formal business look. Black closed toe pumps with moderate to high heels would compliment your formal outfit. Avoid wearing sandals and if you are wearing a skirt, then it is recommended that you wear stockings. It creates a professional look.

  • Accessories:
Carry a leather briefcase, or a leather handbag of black color and accessorize yourself with a watch, simple earrings. If you want to wear something around your neck, the opt for a simple plain gold chain. 
Use minimal light fragrance, makeup should be kept to minimal with nude eyeshadow, thin layer of eyeliner and hint of natural lip gloss over the lips would do the job.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

A Complete Guide For Dress Code For Different Occasions

Choosing your attire for different occasions is supposed to be fun instead of a stressful task that makes you confused while trying to understand the dress code for a specific event or affair. Whether it is a black tie, a cocktail party, or a business meeting, it is important that you dress immaculately, keeping in mind the code that is stated for a certain occasion. Here are few dress code suggestions you can follow to get that perfect look that can turns heads to your direction:

Business Formal:
What you wear to an interview should not be the trendy cuts and latest fashion of the season. You can go for plain black trousers or black pencil skirt with a formal white blouse. Accessorise it with black pumps and pull your hair back in a tight bun. In business meetings or semi formal events like business parties, for women, the dress code calls for a formal outfit consisting of formal black trousers, white tuxedo shirts, and black stilettos completing the look. The idea is to wear formal business attire that looks dressy as well. For men, black or grey suit and tie would get them a formal look which they can sport anywhere.

Business Casual:
In corporate offices, dress code usually is business casual. For women,a pair of pants, starch white or grey blouse and a blazer would be perfect for getting the business casual look right at one go. For men, a formal collared shirt in white or pastel color along with slacks is the way to achieve business casual look . This look would work well for daily attire for your workplace and office events.

Casual Dressy:
For this look, you can loosen up a little from the formal side. For women, a pair of pants with ankle boots or wedges with a loose top would work well. For men, a sporty look consisting of a pair of casual jeans and a shirt with dress shoes would look attractive. If you want to notch it up, wear a dress coat over the shirt.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Pick The Right Style To Give A Good Impression

There is no denying the fact that there is no better outfit than a tuxedo for all the occasions. Some of the men prefer to wear an evening shirt with a simple turn down collar and French cuffs. Whether you are going for a business meeting or a party, tuxedo shirts always looks elegant and suits to your personality.

Tuxedo shirtRalph Lauren tuxedo is the best option for all kinds of business meetings. Tuxedo shirts usually come in white and black colour. Most of the people like to wear pleated shirts for a formal appearance. Wing Collar Tuxedo shirts and turn-down-collar shirts are mostly preferred by everyone.

A wing-collar shirt is usually worn with a bow tie and cummerbund. This kind of shirt is categorized in the classic tuxedo shirts. A turndown-collar is coupled with a bow tie as an accessory. A wing collar shirt looks more official than this one. The mandarin-collar shirt is a latest style that can be worn without a tie.

There are a number of stores and websites that provide tuxedo T-shirts at reasonable prices according to your budget. There are many tuxedos that can be tailored according to your body size. You can put a great impression, If you are having a date with an evening meal.

A tuxedo is the best choice if you are planning to wear it on your wedding. Whether you are the groom in a wedding or a father of the bride, you can easily cast a spell on the audience with your pleasing personality. A prom tuxedo is a good option to consider before going to a prom ceremony.

Tuxedos are advised to wear on when you go to a special ball or a sweet sixteen party. The buttoned-down collar is an another option, if you looking for something not too western. This type of shirts come with buttonholes at the tips, enabling them to be fastened to the body of the shirt.

Always remember to pick the right shirt according to your fitting and size. The humble shirt is said to be the foundation of a Gentleman's attire.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

A Black Jacket: A Sign of Style and Elegance

Black jackets are must-to-have fashion items in the women’s collection these days. If you do not have even a single black jacket in your wardrobe, buy at least one because this is the only piece of clothing that can help you look trendy and elegant. Ever since the Black Jackets For Women have arrived in the modern fashion world, every woman seems to be in love with this outfit.
Women black jacket

The manufacturers try to add something new and unique to the style of black jackets. More and more people love to buy black jackets because of its style
These days black jackets are quite in vogue. They make you look elegant by reflecting your own unique style statement. These  jackets come in different sizes and designs so that every woman can select one for herself.

These jackets can be worn for formal as well as for informal occasions and this is the main reason why these jackets are getting so popular among women. Black jackets look fabulous on you whether you are a college going girl, a married woman who takes care of home, or a working lady. Black is considered, one of the most  appealing colors that women are always interested to find a jacket in this color, just to add an extra charm to their  womanhood.

One can use it  in winters, as well as in summers. One feels so comfortable as these jackets are made from the breathable and malleable materials. These jackets are a style icon ever since they have come into the market. Most of the  Hollywood celebrities are also spotted out wearing these black jackets. These jackets are available in the following different styles:

  1. Black jackets with side pockets.
  2. Black jackets with front pocket.
  3. Jackets without any pocket.
  4. The jackets with studs.
  5. The jackets with sequins and embellishments.
  6. The ones with hoods and zippers.
  7. The ones with buttons.
  8. The ones with belts for a fitted look.
  9. The ones with chains for a stylish look.

One can wear these jackets in a different ways like the black jacket with blue skinny jeans and  high heels look fabulous on women.