Sunday, 26 June 2016

Occasions Where You Can Rock Your Formal Clothing

black jacket women
It is important to look beautiful in every party you go to. What better than stylish clothing to make your presence noticed in the event and getting showered with compliments. Choose the clothing that suits your body type and the look that you are going for.

Women can wear an empire waist gown to black tuxedo, or a short dress with a crop jacket to make it more glam. Following are some occasions where you can match perfect jewellery with wear formal clothing for black jacket women to:

Date :
If you are on a date with your fiancé, or your boyfriend is introducing you with his family for the first time, then wear formal dress with black jacket over it. Match the outfit with flats, studs and a watch. Perfect way to achieve the stunning looks without overdoing it.

Formal Event:
With formal dress, wear heels with an elegant clutch and rock the party with your diva looks.

Keep it simple with pencil skirt and white formal shirt. Keep the accessories to minimum. You can style yourself with a watch and high bun.

An Evening Out:
Charm bracelet with dress pants, paired along with ballerina flats; and you are good to go for an evening with your friends shopping and having fun wearing comfortable clothing.

Garden Party:
This is one occasion where you can glam up and make a statement with big silver hoop earrings along with big curls styles with a colourful band. Bangles and a statement neck-piece are additional option if you want to create a hippie look.

A look full of old class with sophistication, diamond and pearl neck-piece along with the floor length gown with matching jacket to go with it would do the job of presenting and elegant look as you get down from your limo for the perfect opera evening.

Cocktail Party:
The outfit for cocktail party must be full of funk and pizzazz. Wear chunky necklace, earrings, and a mini dress and you are good to go.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Women Tuxedos- A Bold Style Statement

You would have seen many women in award shows and other events like prom, bands and choirs. You’ll see a lot of men dressed in swanky tuxedos that look very much alike those of women’s tuxedo. There are several elements that distinguish one tuxedo from another. There are different types of lapels, jackets, cuffs, collars, neckwear and accessories. All these types convey a slightly different message about the tuxedo that’s being worn.

tuxedo onlineDifferent styles of jackets of tuxedo include:
•    Full dress or tails or tailcoat:  This is worn at formal evening weddings. Front of the style jacket is cropped, with two tails in the back and a two- to six-button front.
•    Cutaway or morning coat: Cutaway coat is worn at formal daytime weddings, the coat is short in the front, long in the back.

Different types of lapels include:
•    Notched lapel: This is not a formal lapel style.
•    Shawl collar: This is a smooth lapel with no notch and rounded lapel.
•    Peaked lapel: This V-shaped lapel points up and out just below the collar line.

There is not only a physical difference between the types, but also difference in formality that will make your next event considerable.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Sparkle Up The Black-Tie With These Dress-Up Tips

A black tie event has a formal dress code. Which traditionally means tuxedo pants for women. Though the current ongoing trends keep on changing as proven by Angelina Jolie when she wore a Tuxedo matching with Brad Pitt in the red carpet of 2014 Bafta Awards. Some of the formal dress up ideas for ladies for black tie and formal events are:

Comfort Factor:
If you are wearing sober colour dress or a classic black dress then try shoes in metallic hues. The chunky heels would be better option as they match with just about any outfit and much more comfortable to wear then other heels.

The dress can be worn be worn in different colours and the jewellery we want to  wear in the event is usually plays a big role in us choosing the colour of dress. The dress which isn't very loud and feels comfortable gives us more confidence to wear it.

Size And Length:
The length of dress can vary according to the build and shape of your body and of course your height. Longer dresses give more sophisticated looks and tend  to give you a leaner appearance. Something as simple a little black dress looks amazing when you bling it with accessories and great shoes. Though the dresses showing too much skin looks inappropriate in a black-tie wedding or occasion.

Accessories To Kill:
Your make-up and accessories are the real reason that light up your overall appearance. Add a dash of red lipstick with a pair of sparkling diamond danglers and a pair of stilettos and you will be the perfect diva in the party.

Your end goal should be looking elegant and beautiful but remember not to dress so bizarre that all the attention from the main event is focussed on you.