Thursday, 15 September 2016

Dress Guide: Comprehensive Dress Code For Business Formal

Wearing the right attire for a formal meeting or an interview is important aspect. So following the proper dress code is essential. Your attire defines your personality and it can leave a good first impression on the person that meets you for the first time. So here are few tips and tricks you can follow to achieve that look which is conservative enough to be sophisticated yet not flashy at the same time:

  • Business Suit:
Choose a solid color for the suit. Women can choose a blouse, a black jacket and slack or pencil skirt, whichever feels right for the occasion. The skirt should not be of too short length. Don't go for too shiny fabric, instead choose conservative tones. Light color business suit also looks elegant and can present a cool and serene outlook.

  • Blouse:
The white colored blouse is forevermore a hit and always works for a formal look. If you want to try something different than a white shirt than pastel colors like lily pink, peach, cream or sky blue would work well as well.

  • Shoes:
Stilettos, pumps or wedges work well with the formal business look. Black closed toe pumps with moderate to high heels would compliment your formal outfit. Avoid wearing sandals and if you are wearing a skirt, then it is recommended that you wear stockings. It creates a professional look.

  • Accessories:
Carry a leather briefcase, or a leather handbag of black color and accessorize yourself with a watch, simple earrings. If you want to wear something around your neck, the opt for a simple plain gold chain. 
Use minimal light fragrance, makeup should be kept to minimal with nude eyeshadow, thin layer of eyeliner and hint of natural lip gloss over the lips would do the job.

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