Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Prom diaries: Gentleman’s Guide To Dress Up For Prom Night

Prom is an event where you get to wear stylish clothes and in the sea of colorful gowns swirling to the music, you don not want to be left out for the chance to dress up like a celebrity to mark your prom occasion. And guys should aim for a debonair look following a black tie code. Here  are few dressing suggestions for guys to look dashing on their prom day:

  • Tuxedo Jacket:
Tuxedo jacket with satin lapels or shawl collar look great. Wear a matching vest and wear a boutonniere flower matching the dress of your prom date. Traditional looking tuxedo jackets are part of everlasting last and you can never go wrong with that choice.

  • Trousers:
Trousers should be of certainly made from same material as the jacket. The satin stripe on the sides of trousers give them a formal look and they compliment your rest of your tuxedo. Wear the trousers with suspender instead of belt. The suspender should be inside the waistband.

  • Shirt:
The starch white shirt with button holes on both sides of the cuffs is perfect for this occasion. The french style cuffs should be fastened by studs. And the collar should be point collar or wing style collar, which showcase the true elegance of a gentleman.

  • Bow tie:
The bow tie should be tied by yourself rather than using a clip-on tie. It will present a classy look and certain turn heads towards your side. A clip on tie doesn't produce that effect such as the self tied tie.

  • Cummerbund:
A black satin cummerbund would look marvellous but avoid vest if you are wearing cummerbund. If you want to wear vest, then wear one in black color. For cummerbund, only dark tones look good.

Add studs and cufflinks that compliment each other’s tones. Black and gold or white and silver are a great color combination.

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