Monday, 9 May 2016

How To Dress Up In Formal Business Attire?

Man can look dashing in formal wear with right kind of clothing according to the occasion. But in the business world, the need for men’s blazers, dress shirts and tuxedo pants increases substantially. At least one suit becomes a necessity, for interviews if nothing else. It should be a good fit. And, attention to the basics is a must to look like a professional, rather than a newbie.

However, here are some tips if you want to dress up in a formal business attire.

  • Good Fit Above All
Ready-to-wear suits are deliberately big so that they can be sold to maximum number of men, but can be bad news for many. A baggy and loose suit jacket paired with a young face is the perfect way to look like a kid in borrowed clothes.
So, whenever possible shop for trousers and jackets at places that do adjustments. You can also take it to your tailor for perfect fit. Do not wear anything so tight that it pinches, but avoid wearing any loose cloth hanging off the body when the garment is buttoned properly.

  • Keeping It Simple
A business-dress suit with a distinct pattern is certainly a hit. But on a younger man, it is more likely to look more like an error made in ignorance than a conscious style choice. Stick to basic styles like the single-breasted, two-button, notch-lapel business suit in a dark solid.

  • Erring on the Side of Overdressing
A man who wears a formal shirt, tuxedo pants, a tie when everyone else is wearing sports jackets and open collars, appears like he is striving to impress.
Do not try too hard to impress. But, efforts are certainly required. Whenever in doubt, wear the suit and make an impression.

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