Sunday, 24 July 2016

The Best Men’s Formal Attire For Every Occasion

All men prefer to wear Tuxedo on formal occasions like celebration dinners, dance party, and weddings etc. They are available in stores in different designs and styles. There is no attire more sophisticated and formal for a man than a tuxedo, when it comes to attending a special occasion in your life.

The tuxedo suit is unique in different button styles, collar shape, etc. Tuxedos can be worn for a day event as well as for a night party. Tuxedo suit must be selected keeping in mind the physical frame of the person.

Tuxedos comes in a wide range of styles like double-breasted, single-breasted, shawl collar, notched collar and three buttons. Double-breasted tuxedos look good on slim men while single-breasted tuxedos suit the personality of  stout individuals. Men with a heavy- build should go for collar tuxedo as it would compliment their personality.

It is recommended  that while wearing tuxedos, one should try to look simple, avoiding the  colorful cummerbunds. Always remember that select the perfect Mens Tuxedo Pants must break right at the show in a perfect way. You should maintain a traditional waistline, the waistline of your pants should be placed two or three fingers width below your navel.

Tuxedo pants should be worn with a tuxedo shirt with wing-tip collar, french cuffs, studs, etc. It is usually observed that tuxedos are in black and dark gray color, worn with white dinner jacket and black trousers. A man in a tuxedo with a satin lapel and a contrast satin stripe alongside the outside of trousers, looks completely elegant on every occasion.

While wearing a tuxedo jacket, leave your your bottom button open  to add an extra grace in your overall personality. You can cover your waist either with a cummerbund or a vest. If you want to remove your jacket, then it is suggested to wear a full back vest. It is a very difficult task to buy a tuxedo suit when you know style and designs keep on changing. While buying a tuxedo suit, always keep the following points in mind:

  • Fabric of the suit.
  • Pant fitting and length of sleeves.
  • The jacket and suit fit.
  • Colour combination.
  • Style of the suit.

The tuxedo is considered one of the most classic styles of every occasion. And most of the people don’t know how to pick the perfect tuxedo for a specific occasion. This article can help you a lot to find the right attire for an event.

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