Friday, 15 July 2016

3 Professional Occasions When You Can Rock A Black Jacket

A black jacket is a clothing article that every woman desires. But many do not opt for it as they don’t know where they can wear it. Usually, these jackets are associated with the corporate world as they provide a very professional look. But many ladies believe that if they do not work in a corporate environment, they will not need a black jacket.However, it is wrong. Whether you work in a fortune 500 company or not, you will still need this clothing article. Many may ask ‘for what?’. Well, here are the three professional occasions when you can rock a women’s black jacket.
Interview – A job interview is very important. Your dress up is almost as important as your skills for the position if you want to get the job. And, nothing can help you achieve a professional look better than a black jacket. Complemented with a shirt and trousers, it can help you rock the interview and impress the interviewer(s).

Not only this clothing shows how serious you are for the job, but it also screams style and elegance. Show your unique style and set yourself apart from other candidates with this fashionable attire.

Corporate Meeting – Corporate meetings are usually the steps of success in one’s career. And, if you want to climb these steps, it is advised to opt for a professional look. You can achieve that look with a button up or down shirt and a black jacket. Make your appearance known among clients, investors and company management to make the meeting a success for you.

On job – Even if you do not work in a fortune 500 company, your job still demands a professional look, especially if you hope to climb the steps of success. Sectors like hospitality specifically require a professional appearance which can be achieved with a black jacket. Women who play and work with music bands may also need this clothing article for their performances to woo the audience.

You can even wear these jackets to get a more casual look. Try it out with skinny jeans (blue or black) or high heels effectively gaining a more relaxed and cool appearance. You can also combine them with a short dress, skirts etc., while wearing either heels or sneakers.

However, make sure to get a design that suits your body. You get to choose between options like single breasted with one button and ETON with shawl lapel collar.

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